University of Phoenix

The largest for-profit university in North America, the University of Phoenix reached peak enrollment in 2010 at around 470,000 students. Enrollment numbers declined steadily in the following years, dropping to approximately 100,000 students.

The Challenge

The University of Phoenix faced stiff competition in the online adult learner space and needed to rethink its new student and prospect experience. Their CIO had found success with Agile engagements through Lokion while at Service Master. He contacted us to kickstart a pilot Scrum engagement with an on-site Agile coach.

The Solution

The Agile coach provided just-in-time workshops, facilitated key events, and worked with product managers and product owners to get the teams up to speed quickly. After 2 months, they launched an MVP, which led to an increase in student applications. 

Lokion also provided certification workshops for Leading SAFe, SAFe Scrum Master, SAFe Product Owner/Product Managers and SAFe for Teams in addition to leading the launch of 3 Agile Release Trains (ART’s) with over 300 people and 28 teams.


As a result of this Agile engagement, new degree enrollments at the university increased by 3%, the first positive turn for the university in 8 years.

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