Horizon Ag

The Challenge

Brittle Technology

Horizon Ag relied on a turn-of-the-millennium legacy application to manage forecasting and inventory dispositions of rice seed for growers and retailers. Information exchange still took place via paper and fax with manual data entry into the system. Because processes were hard-coded, the application could not respond dynamically to business needs that shifted with the growing season. In addition, the outdated interface also was difficult to use.

The Solution

A Dynamic Application

Lokion developers built a robust, Grails-based application based on the use cases, business requirements, and wireframes produced by our team working closely with Horizon Ag. We addressed the complexities of managing inventory for different seed varieties year over year throughout a changing cycle, where different functionality is enabled or hidden based on the activity required during a given season and calendar year. The new application included improvements to visual design for a better user experience and a contract-builder that allows Horizon Ag to create new annual contracts with ease that are updated with new rice products and treatments.


Efficient Account Management

The smart, flexible new application enables Horizon Ag to serve customers efficiently by managing client agreements electronically. The application also includes new functionality for handling customized products, such as seeds with additional treatments.

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